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Buffet Menu Options

So, How does this work?

It's easy!

You can choose your menu selections from one of our standard menus or we can tailor a themed menu for you!

Buffet prices include plates and cutlery as described on menu, buffet set up, food table and service equipment.

Sit back, relax and let Dragonfly Catering and Events team look after you and your guests!

We have a range of standard menus, from roast buffets to delicious Curry or Italian buffet, or Perhaps our popular Graze Table

Buffet $30.00 Click here

Roast Buffet Menu $38 Click here

Graze Table Menu

Roast Buffet $45.00 Menu Click here

Roast Buffet $48.00 Menu Click here

Delicious Italian Buffet Menu Click Here

Dragonfly Curry Buffet Menu Click Here