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Katherine Regional and Beyond

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Round Tables

1.8 Meter - Seats 10

Linen to suit, White or Black or Gold Sequin

Trestle Tables

Wood OR Ploy Plastic

2.4 Meters x .70 Meters - Seats 10

(4 Each side, 2 Each End)

Linen to suit: White or Black

Stacking Chairs

Beige - Standard (Scratches, blemishes)

White - Premium (New) (Pictured)

Cocktail/Dry Bar Table

Linen to Suit

Black or White


LED Rope Lights - Waterproof.

White, Red, Blue or Green

LED Flood Lights White

Shade Structure

8x8m Shade Only (Not waterproof)

8x10m Shade Only (Not waterproof)

No Walls Available for this structure


One Week Notice Required

Water proof, walls available

10x5m Bays

(10x10, 10x15, 10x20, etc.)


Buffet, Side Plates, Dessert Bowls,

Pasta Bowls, Premium Plates

Tea and Coffee Cups Saucers,

Coffee Mugs, Sugar Bowls, Milk Jugs

1.2 Meter Round Tables

Seats 5-6

Linen to Suit - White or Black

Festoon String - 10 Globes

Coloured or White Globes Available

Festoon String with lanterns

Paper White Lantern

Canvas Marquees

4x4m Canvas - Constructed

No Walls Available for this structure


One Week Notice Required

Water proof, walls available

6x4m Bays

(6x8, 6x12, 6x16, 6x20 etc.)

Bain Marie

3 Pot - Fits 3 1/1 Bain Marie Trays

4 Pot - Fits 4 1/1 Bain Marie Trays

6 Pot - Fits 6 1/1 Bain Marie Trays

Comes Standard with Table and Lead

White Formal Folding Chair

Blown Resin - Plastic

Great simple and clean look for weddings or formal events

Black Bar Light (UV Light)

Make your next party glow!

 Canvas Marquees

3x3m Canvas - Pop Up Style

3x6m Canvas - Pop Up Style

Plain Roof and Walls Available

Canvas Marquees

6 x 6m Canvas - Constructed

Walls and decorative roof lining available for this structure.

 White Wine Glasses, Red Wine Glasses

Beer Glasses, Martini Glasses

Champagne Flutes, Champagne Saucers

Water Tumblers, Stemless Wine Glasses

Small P/A System - Battery Operated with

Microphone, Bluetooth, IPod/IPhone

connection, Lights, Portable

Wireless Microphone

Large PA System with mixing board available


White Table Cloths - To suit our table sizing

Black Table Cloths - To suit our table sizing

Gold Sequin Table Cloths to suit 1.8 Meter Round Table

White Chair Covers

Black Chair Covers

Chair Sashes - Variety of colours - Ask about our sample box!

Table Skirting White or Black

White Cloth Napkins

Black Cloth Napkins

Heatlie Roaster / Roller Oven

Great for cooking a whole pig or a few roasts! Can fit 4 x 1/1 Bain Maire Trays to cook. Gas bottle provided in price.

Click here for Roaster Brochure, Picture and information

Table Decorations:

Single Stem Vases

Glass Tubular Vases (1.2 Meters)

Fish Bowl Centerpieces Vases

White Small Table Lanterns

Small Coloured Tea Light Holders

Small Glass Tea Light Holders - Clear

Cutlery Stainless Steel

Princess Collection



Soup Spoons

Dessert Spoons

Tea Spoons

Hot Water Urns

Coffee Peculator

Cold Drink Dispensers

Air Pots - Great for Tea and Coffee Set Up

Esky Water Coolers

Gas Patio Heater

BENQ Projector - HDMI and HDM15 Plug

Large Projector Screen

Large Grey Carpet Boards for Presentations

Chaffing Dish with Fuel

Eskys - All over 100 Litres

Water Coolers

BBQ Flat Top - Gas

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